Influence strategy

It sounds like a simple, natural conversation, but it may alter one’s perspective and loosen one’s (too tight of a) worldview. Depending on your definition of hypnosis, this may not even be named as such. Or, perhaps it may very well be. However, it worked on me and on others, when I applied it in purpose.

This doesn’t mean that you could “trick” people into doing things they don’t want. Not at all! (I don’t even think that something like that exists – at least, not long term…)

So, what’s that good for, then?

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who had a “closed mind”? Whatever suggestion you made, they would not even listen. They would discard it before you even finished your sentence. How did that feel for you?

Well, this “strategy” is aimed to help that person overcome their own pre-judgment and give them the “opening” through which they would “try on” your suggestion, instead of automatically dismissing it.

As a salesperson, this is all that you actually want. If you know that your solution is proper for that client’s condition, then you know that, once they “try it on”, they will perceive the benefits. Moreover, since They had an experience of that solution and They said “Yes” to it, now you have the law of Commitment and Consistency (see Cialdini) working along. I always prefer this path instead of the Hard-Persuasion and Power-Selling route.