The first thing to do…



… without it, you have Resistence – and that’s how all this literature about Convincing, Persuasion, Tactics and Techniques came into existence.

… however, with Connection, there is Flow, Understanding, Willingness to Play and to Step in the other person’s shoes…


Asking questions is a good thing, but when the prospect doesn’t trust you, they will not answer honestly.

Creating Rapport, or Creating Relationships is great, but it’s shallow. Connection goes beyond that.


Connection implies Authenticity. Creating Relationships “in order to” get them to do something for you is Not authenticity.


And, here’s the most interesting part: Connection it’s not something for you to Create. We are already connected…

The question is not “How to Create Connection.”

A better question is “What stands in the way of us being aware of the Connection which already exists?”


And the answer is: Our own Ego.


So, keep that in mind – when you enter a Selling or Influencing interaction – take your Ego out of the equation, stop making the things ‘about You and what You want’ and simply BE with the other person. What they really need is Connection, not your Product or Service…


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