I am not Selling, I am Educating trap




“I am not Selling, I am Educating people”…

But do they Want to ‘be educated’ by you? Are You letting yourself to ‘be educated’ by everybody who wants to take your time for this?

No matter how much you ‘believe’ in whatever you want to talk about, or how ‘important’ you think that is, think of this for a moment:

What needs to happen BEFORE you open up to listen to somebody?



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Why people buy things

The reason people engage in any Exchange of Value (i.e., they buy things) is to improve the situation they are in now.

That means that, first of all, they need to recognize and admit that they Have a Problem.

Secondly, for the client to be able to evaluate the way your Solution will solve their Problem, they must allow themselves to “have an experience” of that Solution; to allow themselves to fully imagine what their life would be like if they owned it.

If they like what they feel and if the exchange is fair, they will buy. If they don’t like it, then you don’t want them as clients.

In other words, as a salesperson, after the prospect admits having a Problem, your aim is to facilitate for them to “have an experience” of what you have to offer. For that, they need to feel safe and secure in your presence, without any pressure (any pressure from your part will automatically ignite their resistance). They need to feel Connection with you.

The most effective way to go about that is for you to be Present, Non-Attached and Playful.

Pushy salespersons

Some salespersons try to justify their “pushiness” arguing “the client doesn’t know how useful my product is for him, so I have to ”.

Do you think it is a useful attitude? How do you feel when somebody tries to ‘force’ you to do something, under the name of “I know better what’s good for you”?

Selling IS Serving

People talk about Serving vs Selling.
However, Compulsory Service is not well received, really…

Where does the word Sell come from?
– Proto Germanic (about 2500 years old language): Saljan means to offer, to deliver
– Gothic (about 1500 years old): Saljan means to offer a sacrifice
– Old English: Sellan means to give, to give up, to surrender, to deliver
– Latin: Consilium means to give advice.

As you see, there’s nothing about Convincing or Persuasion, let alone Deceiving or Forcing someone to take a decision to your liking. Anything like that is NOT Selling, is something else…

Selling IS Serving – but, before Serving, one must make an Offer to Give, which needs to be Accepted.