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What’s your Experience, as a representative or as a sales manager?

Have you noticed that sometimes selling is easy and everybody is happy, but other times it brings up a lot of resentment, from both sides?

Why do you think that happens?



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Pushy salespersons

Some salespersons try to justify their “pushiness” arguing “the client doesn’t know how useful my product is for him, so I have to ”.

Do you think it is a useful attitude? How do you feel when somebody tries to ‘force’ you to do something, under the name of “I know better what’s good for you”?

Selling IS Serving

People talk about Serving vs Selling.
However, Compulsory Service is not well received, really…

Where does the word Sell come from?
– Proto Germanic (about 2500 years old language): Saljan means to offer, to deliver
– Gothic (about 1500 years old): Saljan means to offer a sacrifice
– Old English: Sellan means to give, to give up, to surrender, to deliver
– Latin: Consilium means to give advice.

As you see, there’s nothing about Convincing or Persuasion, let alone Deceiving or Forcing someone to take a decision to your liking. Anything like that is NOT Selling, is something else…

Selling IS Serving – but, before Serving, one must make an Offer to Give, which needs to be Accepted.