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What’s your Experience, as a representative or as a sales manager?

Have you noticed that sometimes selling is easy and everybody is happy, but other times it brings up a lot of resentment, from both sides?

Why do you think that happens?



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Why people buy things

The reason people engage in any Exchange of Value (i.e., they buy things) is to improve the situation they are in now.

That means that, first of all, they need to recognize and admit that they Have a Problem.

Secondly, for the client to be able to evaluate the way your Solution will solve their Problem, they must allow themselves to “have an experience” of that Solution; to allow themselves to fully imagine what their life would be like if they owned it.

If they like what they feel and if the exchange is fair, they will buy. If they don’t like it, then you don’t want them as clients.

In other words, as a salesperson, after the prospect admits having a Problem, your aim is to facilitate for them to “have an experience” of what you have to offer. For that, they need to feel safe and secure in your presence, without any pressure (any pressure from your part will automatically ignite their resistance). They need to feel Connection with you.

The most effective way to go about that is for you to be Present, Non-Attached and Playful.

How to “create a Connection”?

I think of a relationship the same way as I think of a flower. How can you “create” a flower? A flower “happens” when you remove the restrictions that prevent it from “happening”. The presupposition is that the flower “wants” to grow and you can only facilitate the conditions for it to grow, all by itself, by removing the hindrances.
You don’t “build” a relationship by using a hammer and nails, but by planting a seed and creating the conditions for that seed to emerge on its own.

The same goes for love.

Yes, I agree, you could labor a relationship using superficial appearances and acting as to make-believe. But this would be superficial. Superficial is also insubstantial, and a relationship that’s not based on substance is not a real relationship.

Expectation vs Intention

Did you find that the idea of Expecting something to happen is actually making you disappointed, frustrated or irritated when things

don’t go exactly the way you envisioned? This reveals a hidden attachment to that particular outcome and that you just became “needy”.

And, when you bring “neediness” into an interaction, you already lost.